Wedding Planning Has Started

Wedding Planning Has Started

Brace yourselves, a lot of wedding posts are coming…

Everyone has been asking when is the wedding… and we’re happy that you all are happy for us.  In all honesty we are still enjoying being engaged and there is absolutely no rush. We are still contemplating the date, however we have already started making other plans, such as thinking about what the theme should be, cute accessories, location, our guest list and the outfits and most importantly the ‘b’ word (budget).

While we will not be doing the hands on stuff, we are definitely at the top of the planning tree and calling all the shots.

I have been researching a lot as well  and discovered a wonderful guide to help us stay on track with everything. I bought wedding planner and organizer. It is amazing, it has everything we could possibly think of. I will be sharing more about the guide in a few weeks and bits and pieces of the planning details.  Thanks guys once more for all the love and support.



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