Visiting St Maarten in 2020 | What To Know For First Timer

If you’re like me, who is looking to island-hop or simply escaping the cold for some tropical sun; you must consider visiting St Maarten. St Maarten is located on the Southern section of the Caribbean and is made up of the Dutch and French section (St Martin). They have a local currency, however, USD is widely used, so take lots of cash and your credit card.

The past couple days were everything I have been longing for, for personal reasons and bucket-list-worthy adventure. I visited St Maarten for a few days, and I have all the inside scope and details to make your next trip perfect. Here is my list of things to do in St Maarten:

What to do in St Maarten

Shopping at Front Street

All your favorite designer stores are located on the front street, St Maarten. I am not much of a huge shopper when I travel, however, I love to take in the beauty of the stores and window shop and the front street has just that. Stores such as Michael Kors, Pandora, Klass and many more are there.

The Maho Beach Experience

Dubbed as one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Maho Beach is located in close proximity to the airport. A lot of tourists enjoy the jet blasts of aircraft taking off, my favorite is snapping awesome pictures with airlines landing in the background or over head, the airlines fly as low as 50 feet, definitely a must see.

St Maarten St Maarten

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Yacht Rental

If you’re looking to experience the island via the seas as oppose to land, there are many yachts up for rental to offer such experience.

Island Touring

One of my favorite things about travel, is touring the communities of the destination, see the way of life, getting familiar with the norm. Car rentals are probably the easiest way to tour your destination. I love to see the greenery, landmarks, architecture and much more. St Maarten offers car rentals so that you can feed your adventure. It’s a small island, you can cover a lot of grounds in just a couple days.

St Maarten

Watch a movie

I love experiencing watching a movie in a different country. If you’re a moviegoer like myself, you can catch a movie or two during your stay in St Maarten. Caribbean Cinemas – their movie theatre is located in the town, one thing I liked most about their theatre is its modern infrastructure and fresh snacks.

Get a better view of the island, watch my video on YouTube

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