2017: Trendy Outfits Your Wardrobe Is Probably Missing

2017: Trendy Outfits Your Wardrobe Is Probably Missing

We are almost 2 months into 2017, how is the new year thus far for you? I can surely tell you that over the fashion side of things, I am loving most of these new trendy outfits that I am seeing. The creativity and the fact that most of these trends are actually styles that have been reborn to look more modern is awesome, I am here for it. I was able narrow down some of my favourites from the list to share with you. No doubt the fashionistas are going hard for the new year.

Trendy Outfits To Up Your Wardrobe

Here are some trendy outfits that your wardrobe is probably missing:

Knee high heels

I must confess that I wasn’t a huge fan of these initially, seeing the kardashian girls and everyone else wearing them all time was a big turn off and then something about them hit me, they are actually really sexy, stylish and can really make an outfit stand out, if worn properly that is. The trick is to not over do it. If you decide on knee high boots, opt for a mini skirt or mini dress that way it doesn’t look much.

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Fray hem jeans

These have been all over my Instagram lately, I instantly fell in love with this trend when I first saw it. I am always looking to do something with my jeans and not to wear them just plain and boring all the time. Either by cuffing them, ripping them and now I can wear them fray hemmed plus this is actually something you diy at home on your own.

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Floral prints

Will floral prints go away anytime soon? Probably not! Almost everything has floral on them now and they come in all shapes, styles and sizes. From rompers and jumpsuits to mini and midi dresses to tops and skirts. It seems as if they are becoming more diverse but I am not complaining though, because they are cute, girly, trendy and guess what?…they are perfect for spring, which is upon us.

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Still rolling my tongue over this one but it is one of favourite new trends. You might have seen them around town. But just to drag your memory, culottes are knee length trousers, that are cut to resemble a skirt. Remembering seeing these somewhere now? They have become popular over the past few months and I can’t wait to grab a few more styles. What is it about them you might ask…well they are comfy, definitely a closet upgrade and something new or different you can give a try. I will definitely be giving them more than just a try in a few weeks.

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Ruffle tops

To think these are trends of the past was a mistake. They have evolved into something worth wearing. The ruffle trend is now in all different types, colours and styles. My favourites are the off-the-shoulder ruffle tops and layered ruffle dresses. They are chic, girly, fancy and trendy and of course styles to up your closet and style game.

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Embroidery clothing

Another thing of the past that have been revived in the fashion world. I remember doing embroidery in arts class years ago and never to think that it would come in the fashion industry with such a bang. I have been seeing them around a lot lately. There a few that I truly admire. If you understand my fashion sense by now, then you know how much I love simplicity and something that makes a statement, so too much embroidery on one outfit will just not work for me. However, a few have really caught my eyes and I loving them.

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Have you been wearing these trends? If you have not, I hope now you will look more into them and see how much of these trendy outfits you can use to up your looks.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. February 27, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    The knee high heels is so true! They are totally in style and they can go with just about anything! Loved reading your article and enjoyed all the tips! We have the same fashion style!!


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