Sushi: First Time Eating | First Impression & Thoughts

Sushi: First Time Eating | First Impression & Thoughts

I went on a my first ever Sushi date last evening and I am excited to share my experience with you all. In previous years, I had a “hell no” reaction whenever I hear or see any sushi dishes. My first impression was that it’s raw, tasteless and just not me. As a foodie, I love spicy, well seasoned and tasty meals but my Sushi date turned out to be surprisingly different and really good, here is how:

                                                                              Sushi | Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine

A friend and I visited Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine, located  9-11 Phoenix Ave, Kingston, Jamaica. They have several sushi dishes, including cooked and uncooked sushi rolls. We order their Red Dragon Sushi rolls dish (which included fried shrimp, eel with eel sauce) and also their volcano dish (which included crab stick, octopus, masago, mayo and crispy onion). Both dishes were surprisingly really good and well prepared. I enjoyed them both, particularly my favourite was the Volcano, which I ordered twice because of the Octopus, which was really delicious.  First time trying out Octopus as well. I also ordered for Entree, their Teriyaki Shrimp meal.

Sushi Sushi Sushi

A lot of persons I know are not necessarily fans of Sushi meals because of what I know now is a misconception that it is just raw, uncooked fish. Even though, I only had the cooked meals, I can’t say for sure if the uncooked would be just as good, but I thoroughly enjoyed the cooked sushi as a first timer.

If you’re looking to try it out and is hesitating, my tip is to go ahead, if you need to research and read up prior to, then do just that. You definitely cannot miss out. Also it is important to visit a restaurant that is popular for preparing such meals at high standards. If you’re in Jamaica, you can visit Sora at the above named address or if you’re living outside of Jamaica, please make sure to visit them on your next trip to Jamaica. You’ll enjoy! Check out more pictures on my Instagram.

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