Styling Christmas And New Years Party Outfits

Styling Christmas And New Years Party Outfits

Separate and apart from giving thanks and celebrating with loved ones throughout the season. We all look forward to the trendy party and dinner outfits for the holidays.

There are quite a few styles I have been loving this season, including fringe dresses, glitter outfits, and hunter green outfits, just to name a few. I particularly love glittery/sequin dresses, I would wear them every Christmas and New Years. I think they are perfect for the holidays.

If you are looking to attend a Christmas party and not sure of what to wear, I am more than happy to share some of my favourites with you.

Sequin dresses

They are sexy, beautiful and they make a statement, particularly if you are the only person in the room wearing them. I like to pair them with stilettos or pumps. They look more fashion forward that way. I am not a big fan of chunky heels with mini, sequin dresses. You can also style them with your favorite accessories, chokers are still in trend and tassel earrings, they would make a great combination with these dresses, depending on the style of the dress.

Sequin Bodycon Dress


Rose Gold Sequin Dress

Maxi dresses

Long dresses can make you stand out at any formal event. They are lovely and classy pieces, especially if you know which ones to get and how to pair them with your accessories and heels. The trick is to get the ones that hugs your figure, to have that lavishing, elegant look. Here are some pieces that I am loving right now.

Sequin Maxi Dress

Christmas Party Outfits

Beaded Maxi Dress

SLit dresses

One of the main styled dresses that screams sexy are slit dresses. They are great for women of all sizes and styling them correctly can steal the spotlight from anyone. Check out these pieces that are tending right now.


Red Dress


Jumpsuits are going nowhere. They are great for any woman, and they are so many new styles to try out now, such as the ones with capes, beads, cut outs and so much more. They do make a statement and versatile to be worn at almost any occasion. Here a few pieces you can check out:

Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Wide-leg Jumpsuit

Pants and Jacket Suits

I must admit that I have never tried a pants suit to any event before. But, this season I am seriously considering it because they are everything right now. I have grown to love them, they are different from the typically dresses and skirts, ladies would wear to an event.

Tuxedo pants

You can try out these styles if you wish. The beauty about these trends is that they are inter-wearable. You can match different styles to create a look.

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