How To Save Money in 2020 Without Missing Out

How To Save Money in 2020 Without Missing Out

You want to live fancy, live in a big mansion and party in France ? Sorry, I have been waiting forever to use that line somehow. Ps it’s from Britney Spears “Work B**tch”. You can do all this and not break your savings. You can still save money while living your best life.

Here are 5 ways to save money in 2020 and still live a life worth living:


Budgeting is very important. There is no way you can save if your expenses out ways your income. I always ensure I have enough money in my account to cover one year’s rent for my apartment…that’s: (account minimum balance = savings * 12). I am very weird in this way, I like having it this way, because I am a “What If” person. That’s one way to ensure you’re saving money. Another, is to manage your needs and wants and your expenses. Limit yourself today, so that you can enjoy tomorrow, does that make sense? Limit your unnecessary spending.

Multiple streams of income

I am sure we all have come across those four (4) words over the past couple years. We are not saying it, because it’s fun to say, but because, it has been proven to be true and rewarding. I have a 9-5 job, plus my part-time blog, plus my Instagram (part-time), plus an online store. You can check out my store here. “Every little makes a mickle” and can go a long way. I have some earnings from these other streams that tend to help out a lot. I implore you start other ways to make money now rather than later.

Balance spending and saving money

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I tend to travel every few months because I aim to create a fulfilling life and travel truly completes me; thus, I made it a necessity over the years. When I am not travelling, I am doing my regular 9-5 and saving here and there. I also manage my blog daily and my online store in an effort to make ends meet in other areas.

Stop Over-Spending On Food

I was very guilty of this a few months back. Food is my comfort, I eat when I’m sad, happy or indifferent. However, I decided to cut back somewhat on food spending and it has changed my life. I started buying a lot more grocery and less fast food and I started cooking more and eating out less. It might be hard at first, for those of us who are very busy, however, over time baby steps make a big difference.

Have several Saving Accounts

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I highly suggest not having all your eggs in one basket. While I don’t have much accounts with banks, per say, I do have quite a few online accounts (such as PayPal and Payoneer) with some savings in them. When all your funds are pooled together, it is much easier to spend spend spend and lose sight of your savings. Instead, having multiple saving options give more a balance and control of your savings and how much you spend.


I really hope these tips were helpful and you learned something new. If you have a tips, please leave them below, I would love to read them. Thanks for taking the time out to read today’s post. I hope you save money in 2020.

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