Queen of Independence Inspired by Queen of the South on USA

Queen of Independence Inspired by Queen of the South on USA

Hey loves, happy to be back with another exciting and intriguing post. You guys know how much I love self-supporting, self-sufficient, strong, independent, beautiful and confident women, who have their own. I am here for it, always and forever, girl power! Once more, I have been hit with inspiration and boost to really reflect on where I am in life and where I am headed. This reflection is as a result of a new series I started to watch just days ago.

Queen of the South

I love series that can really pull at your character and make you think about life on a whole. Maybe you have heard about it, maybe you haven’t. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you to Queen of the South? Have you heard of that one?…

By reading the title, I am sure you can guess what it might be about. The series is about a lady called, Teresa, who was living in Mexico and fell in love, hoping that it will bring her peace of mind; but only to have her life going down hill after her boyfriend died. Teresa seeks refuge in America and with her strength, commitment, and cleverness she rose to queen pin and built her own empire.


Very captivating story, I am truly tuned in. Just watching Teresa’s life unfold and see her going through all that mess in her life but still fighting and pulling through it all, gives me a sense of hope and faith. The series is pretty new, they just finished Season 1 and Season 2 is about to begin in early June. I have been using my weekend to catch up on the first season, and I am ready for season 2 and I am not even finished yet.


Queen Of Independence

Even though we might not have the same story as Teresa (played by Alice Braga), we all have a similar story. I was just a girl in high school few years ago, did very well and graduated. Moved away for college, thinking that it would be as wonderful as people made it out to be. I was faced with some of the hardest challenges in my life while attending college. I wondered why all of it was happening to me, I never gave up, inspite of it all. I graduated just last year with honours, and now working my 9-5, still living on my own and managing my blog part time.

I started my blog out of boredom really, but it has now given me an avenue to share my thoughts about a lot things, I was always conservative and shy and I would often times worry about what people would think of me. Even in the initial stages of my blog, I thought a lot about what people would think. I have grown pass that and now I put things out their to inspire. People inspire me everyday, I keep learning and doing and changing for the better.

I know challenges are bound to come but I feel a sense of happiness about where I am at, even though I have much further to go. I know I am strong enough to pull through those challenges, like I always do. I am happy about the person who a turned out to be, a fighter. Back from an earlier age I always had a sense of the independence, wanted to get my own, do things for myself and by myself, it is just who I am it is not about proving anything to anyone. Sometimes I surprise myself, I really do, I don’t think limits. I believe anything I put my mind I can go do it or achieve it.

Now, I am working hard to keep it that way and stir my life in the right direction, continue with my 9-5, and start building a lasting life. What’s your story? We all have one. If Teresa’s story sounds too good to be true. You can always tune in and see it all unfold for yourself. And maybe you will get a boost of inspiration like I did.

Teresa lost a lot of people she truly cared about, along her journey, she has done things that she’s not proud of but which is necessary to survive. Throughout the series you will see Teresa receiving advice from her future self, “Queen of the South” in the form of an apparition, on what to do and where to turn. Teresa has grown from a hopeless lady to a woman who wants a better life for herself. I am not one to spoil the fun, so I will not let in on anymore details until you watch and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Season 1 ended with a bang and leaving me wanting more and wanting to know what is going to happen next. Season 2 is coming and I am sure it will be more captivating with new twists and plots. The new season premieres Thursday, June 8th 10PM/9PMc on USA. Will you be watching?

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  1. May 30, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    I need to watch this series outdoors next time around.

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