Private Label Extensions Edge Control Review

Private Label Extensions Edge Control Review

Hey loves! It surely feels good to be back. Today’s post will be a review of one of my favourite hair products to use, edge control. I have tried numerous edge controls in the past and most turned out to be just a waste of my time and money. I have shared my Edge Control struggle with Private Label Extensions and they decided to send me their Edge Control samples for me to test out and share my thoughts on.

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Extensions is a wholesale hair extension, edge control, and mink lash company. In addition, they build brands for companies and sell all their products wholesale. Their Edge Controls come in two variations, clear and black, they were kind enough to send over samples of both. They also have them two different sizes 2 oz. and 4 oz., for you to adjust to your needs. There is no big difference between the clear and black apart from the color, they are both made of the same ingredients.

Private Label Edge Control

Private Label Edge Control (clear)

Private Label Black Edition Edge Control

private label

My Edge Control story is probably similar to yours. I love long lasting edge controls, I hate the flakes after use and too much grease. All of which I have experienced in the past. It is really embarrassing to have people telling you about that white stuff in your hair.

I was really open to give their items a try to see what their edge control is all about. Their package labelling states;

“Our Edge Control promotes growth and holds edges and hair firmly in place with a super holding power without flakiness. Leaves edges looking and feeling healthier and shinier than before”.

They arrived super fast and I have been using them out for weeks now, with my work hairstyles and typically day to day hair looks.

How I apply Edge Control: I would normally use my fingers to apply edge controls, however, I have using a toothbrush over the past months as it has proven to be a more effective method for me. I would dip the brush into the edge control and pick up a decent portion then apply it to my edges and brush in. I also realized that using a brush helps to keep the hair in place longer.


Final thoughts: I tested the edge control 24 hours prior to my review, so as to give it enough time for to develop a complete thought. Firstly, it has a very pleasant fragrance, it is soft in texture, and easy to apply. It blends in nicely and it does hold my edges firmly and neat. What I was most please with is that after a few hours there were no flakes.

This picture was taken hours after using private label’s edge control, absolutely no flakes after, which I loved.


private label


I was getting my hair ready for work in this picture and applied private label’s edge control.

private label

If you are a lover of edge control, feel free you check out Private Label Extensions and give theirs a test run.

Check out Private Label Extensions

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