Nip + Fab Skincare, Pure Tropix, Fenty Beauty Review & More

Nip + Fab Skincare, Pure Tropix, Fenty Beauty Review & More
Nip + Fab Skincare, Pure Tropix, Fenty Beauty Review

First Sunday in February definitely calls for a long awaited skincare post. I have been trying out several skincare for the past 3 months that I wanted to share. I have been trying out brands such as Nip + Fab Skincare, Pure Tropix, Coola and Fenty Beauty for makeup. Just to give a few insights on the products I’m using and a little update on the results and if I will continue to use each product. Here are the new beauty products I have been trying out:

Face Exfoliator:

Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix 

I was living to try this product out, like really. I have attempted purchasing it on several occasions and it was always out of stock. Finally, I landed my hands on it and I’m not disappointed. Nip + Fab glycolic scrub fix is amazing, it has a grapefruit scent which mild and okay. It is not too rough but not too gentle either on my face. It gets the job done, leaving my face silky smooth and soft. Some of the active ingredients are; 3% glycolic acid, which I have read is really common in skincare products for gentle exfoliation and  + retexturizing and salicylic acid which cleanses your pores.

Body Exfoliator:

100% Natural Coconut Milk Body Scrub

I was browsing Amazon as always and came across this product. The reviews were mostly good, so I wanted to give them a try. Plus, I really want to include more coconut oil into my skincare, so this product seemed perfect at the time. This scrub smells amazing and is very gently on the body. I also use it on my face and is also great for after shave. The bottle is now half, which means I have been loving it. It however, leaves a little grease after use, due the coconut oil which I help to get rid of with the Pure Tropic Cleanser.


Pure Tropix Purifying Honey Oil Cleanser

I was given this cleanser to try out from a friend at my 9-5. This was not my first time however hearing about this brand. I have seen them all over Instagram and saw a few reviews on YouTube about their products, so this was definitely a push to give them a try. I use the cleanser to remove my makeup, after I used my coconut scrub or all alone. It is a really good cleanser, it leaves my skin smooth and soft after use.


Coola Classic Sunscreen

I don’t use sunscreen as often as I should. I actually received this as a pr product and it has become a part of my skincare routine every since. It moisturizes very well however it is a bit too greasy for me, which is why I don’t use it as often as I should, it also has a strong minty smell which usually goes away after a few minutes. It keeps my skin moist and hydrated throughout the days, which is a plus.

Nip + Fab Body cellulite Fix

I never planned on buying this product, it just happened. But, I am really loving it and will continue to use it. This cellulite fix is also from Nip + Fab, it is a cellulite cream, I haven’t been using long enough to see vast results, however, I have been seen improvements with my cellulites. I have a little cellulite on my legs and bum area.


Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint (Unveil)

Love, love, love this new stunna lip paint from Fenty Beauty, I bought both unveiled and uncensored (which has now magically disappeared).  Both lip paints are long wear lipsticks which gives a soft matte finish. I have worn unveil to my 9-5 and to do a few shoots for the blog and I absolutely love it. It is a bit more subtle, lasts very long and doesn’t crack and feels extremely dry.

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