Miami, Florida For First Time Visitor | What To Know

Miami, Florida For First Time Visitor | What To Know

If you are looking to visit Miami, Florida for the summer months ahead I have some first timer tips that would come in very handy on your trip. Over the Easter weekend, I visited Miami, Florida for a few days, to see, eat and sleep. I saw a list some time ago about the best budget travel destinations in 2019 and Miami was apart of that list. Before I went to Miami, the impression was that Miami is the party capital of the USA and that there are beautiful beaches and good food.

In order to have a good trip to Miami, Florida for you and your loved ones. I have put together a list of things to do to help make your trip smoother. Miami Florida For First Time Visitor, here is What To Know:

Take Uber Not Taxis

If you don’t know your way around Miami and does not plan on driving during your stay. The options are to take an Uber or a taxi. I learnt the hard way that taxis can be more expensive. My drive from the airport to my hotel was with a taxi, due to the fact that taxis run by meters/distance, there is no set price. You’ll end paying a lot if you’re travelling far distances on a day to day basis.

As for Uber, there is one set price to go to a particular destination, which 9/10 works out to be cheaper. You can install the Uber app and use it right at your finger tips.

Take Cash and Card

Just to be on the same side, walk with extra cash and your credit card. Some places accepts cash only and some places accept cards. For example, the airport in Miami was strictly credit card for checking bags. I budgeted to carry $500 cash, which was enough for my trip, I even brought home $100 and some change. The prices at the malls, food courts and food outlets are reasonable. Plus, you can always get discount at the stores as a visitor.

The people are not so friendly

Being that I am from the Caribbean, they are certain pleasantries that exists within culture. Our people are typically friendly, nicer and a lot more helpful. When in Miami, most things you will have to figure out for yourself, most times people are just about their business. It’s best to research before hand and read other peoples review, so you can expect the expected and not be totally shocked about the environment during your visit.

Most people speak Spanish

This was a total shock because I was under the impression that I would meet a lot of English speakers. Apparently, most of Miami is inhabited  by Latin Americans, thus most of the people we saw on a day to day basis were not English speakers.

Places to see

Vizcaya Museum was a beauty.

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Miami, Florida Miami, Florida


There are some many malls in Miami, here are a few: Dolphin Mall, Miami International Mall and Aventura Mall to name a few.

Miami, Florida


Downtown Miami has some places you can see, eat at and have fun

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida


Miami, Florida


Other places you can visit: Miami Beach, Wynwood Walls and Coral Gables.

Enjoy more of the places I visited, with this video



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