Makeup 101: Complete Guide for Beginners

Makeup 101: Complete Guide for Beginners

If you have bought all your makeup products, watched youTube videos, read Pinterest posts, watched Instagram videos and still do not know how to achieve a full makeup look. Then this post is for you!

I for one has been done this road too many times. I just could not achieve the full makeup look. I tried, I tried and then tried some more and thankfully I have discovered some easy tips and tricks that will help you achieve a full makeup look.

First lets gather a simple list of tools that you will need to achieve your FIRST full makeup look.

  1. Wipes, face wash or toner
  2.  Moisturizer
  3. Concealer
  4. Foundation (matched to your skin color)
  5. Translucent powder
  6. A neutral eye shadow
  7. Black or brown eye pencil
  8. Lipstick or lip gloss

Since this is basic look, I will add just a few more items for those of us who wants to go and get dirty! These items are optional

  1. Mascara (brown or black)
  2. blush
  3. primer

Here are a few simple steps to achieve your full makeup look:

Skin prep

Cleanser: Ensure our skin is clean before applying your makeup. Use wipes or simply wash and pat dry your face before hand.

Moisturizer: Always moisturize after you have washed your face, plus moisturizer helps to make makeup application smoother and easier.

Primer: This step is optional, however applying a primer helps to make you makeup last longer.


Some people prefer to apply foundation first but I like to conceal first. Concealer is great for eye circles. Concealer can lighten up your face and make you look fresher and more awake.

  • Color. Get a concealer that matches your skin


  • Application method.  Apply with a brush or my finger or a small sponge for full coverage.


  • Under the eyes. To counter darkness in the eye area, apply concealer under the eyes all the way up to the lash line. Remember the apply in a triangle shape and not circles.


  • Pat and pat some more. Blend by gently patting with your fingers.


  • The right color. Get a foundation that matches your skin, always!


  • Application method. Use a brush, a sponge or your fingers to apply your foundation.


  • Where to apply. Apply to areas that needs to be even out, instead of applying to your whole face. Start by applying around the center of the face.


  • Blending. Blend outwards


Apply a little powder to set the foundation and concealer.

  • Application . Apply powder with a fluffy brush along the t-zone, where the face can get oily. A brush gives the most natural finish.

Most people tend to go all in and apply falsies, mascaras, highlight, contour and don’t forget that smokey eye.

All that is not necessary unless, you’re going to a big event but for your day-to-day makeup look that guide should be enough.

If you need more help, here is a lovely video I found to help you out:


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