Great Huts Resort Portland Jamaica | Paradise On The Edge

Great Huts Resort Portland Jamaica | Paradise On The Edge

Told myself I will never go back to Portland anytime soon; the journey is just too far and tiring. Well! that vow did not last long because, I spent my weekend in Portland, again… at one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Before, I tell you where I went. Let me just lead you all up to the actual visit.

I’m on vocational leave from my full-time job for some days and I decided to plan a trip.  I was looking on the web for places I could visit, I wasn’t too sure of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, so I was just looking to see if anything would catch my eyes. One of my favourite places to look is on Pinterest. I saw some amazing and beautiful places on Pinterest.

Great Huts Resort

Then, I stumbled upon Great Huts Resort. Yes, that’s where I visited in Portland, if my post title didn’t give it away. Great Huts is not your typical, all inclusive, 5 stars resort. It is different in so many ways and have a lot of unique experiences in store for you. Great Huts Resort is an eco-resort which is African inspired, everything from the huts right down to the trails and the property. The rooms are huts, which you would have probably guessed by now and the design of the place is absolutely amazing. You would love it there if you like adventure, nature, arts and embrace unique environments.

I traveled from Kingston to Portland. Which worked out to approximately a 4 hour journey, with all the stops. At least I had the beautiful sceneries to help take my mind off how far I had to travel. I was traveling along the edge of the island, with the beautiful sea on one side and lush green vegetation on the next. I love my country, Jamaica and everyday I am just in awe of its beauty.

This journey was all me. I travelled all alone, even though I was bit nervous about going so far alone, a part me just wanted to do it. I am definitely going to be sharing some tips on traveling alone and then, dive to more details about my trip.

Tips on Travelling By Yourself:

These are my tips based on my experience traveling alone.

1. Just do it! So the thought came to mind, there is this perfect place in your head that you want to visit, the timing is right, you have everything except a friend or that someone to go with. My advice is to just go, it might turn to better than you expect.

2. Make a list of all that you will need. I don’t know about you, but I have so many things on my mind these days,  I easily forget the simplest things. Making a list of all that you will need on your trip, makes you more prepared and your experience much easier. You can stick to the good old pen and paper or for some of us, like myself, who is always on their phones can save the list on the phone so that you will always have it to look at.

3. Ask questions. If you are uncertain about anything at all along your journey, don’t be afraid to questions. Be cautious of who you ask, however!

4. Have a map. Whether you want to pull up a map on your phone or any other device or you want to get a physical map. Maps are useful in tracking your journey and you can see where exactly your headed and how long it might take you to get there.

5. Bring extra cash. You might not use it but just to safe, bring a little extra. 90% of the time I bring extra money with me on trips and end up not spending most of it, but I like to have in case of uncertainties and emergencies.

6. Be opened minded. Sometimes we are too sucked up into our own minds and realities we truly do not get to have the best experience that we would like to have.

Now back to my experience of a lifetime. Where were we?  Aah yes! I booked my trip online, I caught a deal on I stayed for 1 night which cost me $55 and worked out to be JMD8,138, it might be different depending on the rate of the day. The cost includes breakfast and access to the pools and all areas of the property. Lunch and dinner comes at an additional cost. The room has a fan, a safe and mosquito net. As a previously mentioned this is not your typical Air Conditioned room resort. Plus, you get free Wifi access. Great Huts Resort advise that you bring mosquito repellent (which I did), a flash light, comfortable shoes with you.

The property is amazing, everything was well thought out. You can hear the rumble of the sea in your bed at night. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back soon. More information about Great Huts Resort is on


The dining area above the lobby

Great Huts Resort

The snake trail at the edge of the cliff

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A closer look at the snake trail


Great Huts Resort

The African sunrise hut. I would love to stay in this hut, the view must be awesome.



Jamaican breakfast


Great Huts

This little birdie joined me for breakfast





  1. Melissa Green
    February 14, 2020 / 4:22 pm

    You now have me convince , I am planning my vaca and Great Huts will be the place

    • Delaine
      February 14, 2020 / 7:06 pm

      I’m too happy, do enjoy!

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