Glossier Body Hero Duo & Milk Jelly Cleanser Review

Glossier Body Hero Duo & Milk Jelly Cleanser Review

Glossier first timer here. I decided to purchase Glossier’s body hero duo and milk jelly cleanser. I have been hearing and reading so much about this brand so I wanted to see what the buzz is all about and get in on the action. As you all already know, I am ready to go when it comes on to trying out new skincare products, plus I really needed a new cleanser and body moisturizer so I decided to give Glossier a try.


Glossier Body Hero Duo

The Body Hero duo consists of daily wash and daily perfecting cream.

This wash is used after you have showered, you apply it to your wet skin. It forms a froth which you massage into your skin and then rinse. The product is of great quality, it’s not too light and not too thick and has a very appealing smell that does not linger, which is great for me. The oil wash leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after use, I use it all over my body.

Then there is the daily perfecting cream, which I use daily, my bottle is almost finished. The cream leaves my skin feeling soft, well moisturize and leaves a gentle shine that lasts all day.

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

I am totally in love with the cleanser. I used it the first night after picking up the products from the mail shop and fell in love ever since. It cleanses well and leaves my skin very soft. It is a facial cleanser.

I have read reviews online where people are complaining about an awful smell that is has. I actually saw this review after I made my purchase so I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like it at all and it would be such a waste of my money. It was the total opposite for me, it actually has a pleasant scent and the scent does not linger at all, which is another plus.


I have only one issue so far and it is with the daily perfecting cream. Now, ever since I started using the cream I have seen mild rashes on my stomach and legs. I wasn’t certain if it was the cream, so I laid off the other two products for a few days and was using the cream only and I still had the rashes. There is a possibility that I am allergic to an ingredient in the cream.

Guys, there are so many ingredients that I am not even sure which it is, but I have been using it regardless, as I mentioned the bottle is almost empty. I can’t say for sure if it is the cream but the rashes started to appear after I started using it. I will be monitoring so I can give a full update.

But I love the other products so far, the con doesn’t mean you can’t try them for yourselves and create your own experiences. The items are really affordable and you can get them on you can even use this link and get 10% off your purchase.



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