How To Dress Outside Of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Dressing out of your fashion comfort zone, is easier said than done. I mean, it is your “comfort zone” for Christ sake. Nevertheless, even the highest mountains can be climbed and what is life, if we are not evolving and trying new things? I stepped out my comfort zone a few years ago and it has been the best decision yet. I now confidently wear different tones, textures, styles, prints…the whole nine yards and you can do it too. Here is how:

How To Dress Outside of your fashion comfort zone

Identify the look you’re aspiring for

Whether it is in your head or on one of your favourite fashion icons, picture your entire outfit from head to toe and yourself wearing. What accessories can match that particular outfit? What about the footwear? Should I wear heels…sandals…sneakers maybe? Are you going for an evening look, a street style casual look…a club look even? The key point when you’re creating an outfit in your head, is to remember that less is more. Your accessories and makeup can make or break a look.

Experiment with different fabrics and colours

Just over a year ago, I was wearing “rubber” dresses…what in the world…me in the rubber dresses???? yes mam! and did I rock it? Oh yes I did. Without confidence you’re twice defeated in the fashion world. Now I am wearing ruched dresses and metallic halterneck dresses, never have I ever before. Always remember that you wear the outfit, not the other way around. Start small and make baby steps and just see how far along you can go.

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Stay open-mined about styles that doesn’t match your taste

This is really hard, but can turn out to be very fulfilling. If you shrug everything off that doesn’t match your personal style, how will you ever up your style game? Remember as we get older and reaches¬†different stage of our lives, our preferences tend to change and shift, however, it is not enough to only leave it up to chance. Let us open our minds and our wardrobes to wearing your styles and new outfit possibilities.

Look for inspiration everywhere

When people ask me how I come up with certain style ideas, it is very difficult to respond, simply because my ideas come from everyone, everywhere. It could be from a movie, Instagram, Pinterest, a music video, a magazine,etc. I am always on the look out for new styles to wear. Sometimes, without intentionally looking, new ideas grab me and I definitely have to experiment on them.

Try it all

There are some style ideas to expand your closet. Ranging from mini dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, ruched dresses, metallic dresses, rubber dresses, glitter dresses, bodycon dresses, skirts, t-shirts, pu leather leggings, pu leather skirts, pu leather dresses, halterneck dresses, black jeans, denim jeans, mom jeans, acid wash jeans,etc. What ever it is, don’t scroll pass it next time, make a purchase, give it a wear and who knows…it might just me you’re new favourite style and guess what? you’ll finally be outside of that fashion comfort zone of yours.

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Thanks for reading and thanks to Femme Luxe Finery for gifting me these really nice pieces.

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