It’s My Birthday | Cheers To 25 Years + 15 Fun Facts About Me

It’s My Birthday | Cheers To 25 Years + 15 Fun Facts About Me

Wow! I am still surprised about that title, 25 years of age. Can you believe it? Yeah, neither can I! Firstly, thank you God, I am blessed and highly favoured to live to see quarter century old on this earth. How does it feel? It feels serious and scary haha! like oh my God I am really an adult, and I am getting so close to 30 but it also feels amazing, like grown and bossy amazing. I did it younger self, I graduated high school, went to college, got a serious job and now I’m looking forward to many more milestones and greatness.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be married at 25 with two kids. Well I am close, as I am engaged, I can’t see myself with any kids just yet. I never really had a serious bucket list, maybe a few wishes here and there but nothing I was dedicated to, definitely looking to change that this year. I already have a few places in my mind to travel to and things to do, and places to see; look you can never get back to 25.

My birthdays are always reflections of my past years. For this year, here are a few of my goals:

I want to read more books – Major improvements needed in this area, I can’t tell when last I did some seriously reading. I already started looking into the books I am going to read.


Learn new languages – I know a little Spanish,  looking improve and learn French and German.

Experience new cultures – languages, travel and culture works hand in hand, all is left now for me to be open minded whenever I travel and to welcome new cultures with open arms.

Laugh more, escape the norm and exercise more.

Start a business – I already have three business ideas floating around in my head and I am in hopes of manifesting at least one into something.

Try something new every month; and maybe just maybe, finally pursue my acting dreams. There is no limit to life, it is the greatest gift!  It’s never too late to start doing the things you’re passionate about and that is something I have learnt throughout the years. Aging is inevitable, so why not do it happily and gracefully?

Blogging, never did I thought I would be a blogger and I would be sharing pieces of me to the world like this, I was super shy growing up and conservative. I can’t to share more for many more years to come. Thank you for coming along this journey with me.

Here are 15 fun facts about me:

  1. I don’t like animals – might be weird because most people do, not really a fan of them at all.
  2. I can’t swim, yet! I almost drown once and I didn’t tell my mom until about 5 years later.
  3. I was born on Friday 13th.
  4. I am afraid of heights, car rides and frogs.
  5. I have 10 siblings – 5 sisters and 5 brothers
  6. My man crushes are Chad Murray (from A Cinderella story), Keanu Reeves (from The Matrix) and new to the list Henry Cavill (Superman).
  7. I have a niece and nephew who are both older than I am.
  8. My all time favourite song is: Adele – One and Only
  9. I have never broken a bone in my body.
  10. I don’t have any tattoos but I haven’t ruled it out.
  11. My favourite color is red
  12. I have worked pretty cool jobs; at an airport and hotel
  13. Public speaking gives me anxiety, even though I had to it a lot in university, it still work me up.
  14. My all time favourite TV show is Gossip Girl
  15. I am good at almost everything.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope it was fun reading it as it was fun for me to write. Thanks for all the support, love and birthday wishes.




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