3 Ways To Style Camo Pants For Spring/Summer in 2020

camo pants

Camo Pants have been one of those styles that rolls over each year. With every year they take new forms; whether it is new prints,  lengths, styles and colours. I personally love the woodland camo pants, other colours include; purple camo, pink camo, red camo, orange camo and more. Today, I will be sharing three (3) of my favourite ways to style camo pants.

3 Ways To Style Camo Pants

Look #1: Camo Pants with Bodysuit

If your are looking to “dress up” your camouflage pants. I would highly recommend opting to wear a bodysuit to the pair it with. Bodysuits are very sexy and flattering and make great day to night out outfits. Bodysuits are perfect for birthday celebrations, dinner with your significant other or dinner with friends. There are so many bodysuit styles that would match perfectly with a camouflage pants. I decided try out this sheer long sleeve, black bodysuit and it pairs very well.

Look #2: Camo pants with crop tops

There are so many types of crop tops to pair your camo pants with. Whether you’re going with baggy, long sleeve ruffled sleeves, off the shoulder or metallic crop tops. Crop tops can give your outfit a more comfy or super sexy look, depending on the one you decide to wear. In today’s post, I opted to style my camo pants with this metallic, ruffled sleeves crop top I picked out from Femme Luxe.

How To Dress Outside of your fashion comfort zone

look #3 Camo pants with T-shirt

Last but certainly not least, you can style your pants with a t-shirt. T-shirts are always trendy and graphic tees will give your outfit a more casual, comfortable look and street style friendly. You can dress up your t-shirt with heels or booties depending on the occasion or dress down with sneakers or combat boots. They are so many styles you can go with.

I am loving these three ways to camos, I love this pattern camouflage pants, it so comfy. If you enjoyed this post, kindly share your thoughts below and what are some ways you are styling your camos?

You can watch my video more visual feel on all three looks

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