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I want to share some really cute summer hairstyles with you guys. I am lover of cute braided hairstyles. I have tried dozens of these hairstyles myself to wear to school or just a nice day out and I love them. They are fun and simple to do, so try them out and share the experience with me. These styles are perfect for the summer, especially here in Jamaica where the summer is really hot and all you want to do is just go to the beach.


Braided Twister


This look is perfect for those of us with long or medium hair and just want to get all of it away from our necks. It is also an elegant look and can therefore be worn on a nice evening out to dinner or any formal event.


Rope Twisted Heart|Cute girl hairstyles


This is a really cute look from Cute Girl Hairstyles, anyone can rock this look check it out HERE

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Zipper Braid Updo|Cute girl hairstyles


This is a really neat look, will take longer to complete than most looks but it will definitely last longer, check it out HERE.


French Braid

French Braid

Cute french braided updo that can be worn to the beach!



I braid my hair like this all the time, it’s a simple and comfortable look and can be worn out with friends or even to the beach.

what do you think about these look? Let me know


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