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OOTD | How to Style Side Stripe Pants With Mesh Top

Striped pants

If you haven’t seen the side stripe pants trend around a lot lately, let me just introduce you real quick to the new trend that everyone is wearing. One of the styles I am rolling over into 2018 is striped pants. They have been on the runways, in the streets and clubs and now even clothing stores have every look.


Side Stripe Pants

Side Stripe Pants

I have been seeing a lot of track pants outfit lately, yes, street style, killer looks; not just someone going for a run or going to the gym. The track pants have found the streets with heels and stylish tops. I am loving it the looks, so much, that today I am styling one of my favourites just for you.

Side Stripe Pants

I must say, this is an actual pants that looks like a track pants, I wanted a material that’s thicker than the actual track pants that you would have worn to the gym.

They are easy to style, you can grab a pair of your favorite stilettos, or booties or even your favorite sneakers and pair it with a T-shirt or even a crop top. The stripes at the side of the pants, comes in different variety of colors,  you can grab any pair that you like so that you can colour coordinate with your heels or sneakers to spice up on your look.

Side Stripe Pants

Today I am styling this dark blue stripes on the side pants from with a black mesh top I picked up locally. These through mesh tops are trendy too, I love them, they are sexy and can go from day to night.

Also, I grabbed a pair of burgundy laced up booties from that I can’t get over. It’s super comfy and the colour and style is perfect to complete any look.

I am not a hand bag person, except for work, I am more of a shoulder bag person. For this look I pulled out a simple cute black hand bag to pairs with my black mesh top.

What are some styles you’re rolling over into 2018?


Side Stripe Pants

Striped pants 

Side Stripe Pants
Striped pants


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  1. Dia Darling says

    This outfit is cute but the shoes got it! They are so cute. I always love a pop of color mixed in with dark clothing. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Dami Adeleye says

    The side stripes pants is stylish and trendy. I wrote on that sometimes ago. Thanks for the post. You have got a great sense of style

  3. Morgan Michelle says

    You look amazing!! This outfit is SO cool and your booties pull it all together perfectly. So chic!

  4. You look so awesome in this outfit! And those shoes are fabulous! Keep rocking it!

  5. Meaghan says

    I like how you styled your joggers with a sassy red heel! Gives a very fun street style feel to your outfit.

    Meaghan xx

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