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Even though the curtains are closing on the summer season. Excited to share one of my favourite piece for Summer 2017.  I fell in love with numerous trends this year. This outfit I actually bought long before summer, I had plans to create a post about it months ago, and now it’s finally happening. No more beating around the bush. As today, I will be sharing a lovely maxi romper I purchased on

As I was mentioning earlier, I purchased this romper in May, I really hope that they still have more in stock, so that you guys can grab one if you like it. It’s great for summer because it is similar to your ordinary romper but with a cape. So it is basically a dress and a romper in one. No worries, it is still comfortable to wear and some people might like it because it is a little less revealing. Personally, I like it because it shows less around the back area. It is a great outfit choice for a girls night out or a lunch date.

So, lets talk about this one that I’m wearing in particular. Don’t quite remember how I got sprung on this whole maxi romper idea. But of course, I was probably just browsing around the web and saw maxi rompers trending. I liked the idea from the get go and was super excited when I found this one on or less than $30.

For this look, I pulled out my red chunky strappy pumps and a choker. For this romper, this is a lot of check out, so it is easier to accessorize, the layered chains would be perfect with it too. I have seen where persons just throw it on and then they are out the door; if that works for you then sure, why not? If you don’t go for the heels, flats look great with a maxi romper too. This was first time wearing a maxi romper and I enjoyed wearing, it is fun, stylish, chic and comfortable. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any questions shoot me an email or drop them in the comments section below.


Maxi romper


Maxi romper

Maxi romper

Maxi romper

Maxi romper

Get the look:  Maxi romper | Heels (similar)| Choker (similar)

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