OXX System Shampoo and Conditioner Initial Review

OXX System Shampoo and Conditioner Initial Review

I love trying new hair care and skin care products and this one, that will be featured in today’s post is my latest experiment. I went on a mini shopping spree over the weekend, to get me some beauty products and ended up at the pharmacy. I wanted to grab new bottles of shampoo and conditioner and coincidentally, I spotted Oxx System’s hair products on the shelves and decided to buy them to see what they are all about. I have been seeing them a lot on my social media lately and I was a bit curious.

OXX System

OXX System

I have found out that OXX system is a Jamaican hair care brand, they have a wide range of hair care products that are naturally made. Now, I am going to break down each product in details and share my thoughts on each. I bought their Shampoo (hydrolyzed wheat protein) and conditioner (coconut oil and wheat oil).

Shampoo (with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein)

OXX System shampoo is said to contain, based on their label, hydrolyzed wheat protein and wheat germ. Firstly, smell is a big deal for me when it comes on to hair products. The shampoo has a regular smell, very mild and pleasant. It is white and clear in appearance and is rich in feel. After applying to my damped hair, it suds quickly, which I love and it does a good job at eliminating the grease and dirt from my hair.

Price: The shampoo cost me JMD$600 + tax. I lost my receipt with the exact cost (oops…). Their cost in US on their website is USD$9.00.

Conditioner (with Coconut Oil and Wheat Germ Oil)

The conditioner has a noticeable coconut oil smell. It is a bit whiter and thicker than the shampoo as expected. It is a bit creamy and a little oily when applied to my hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and de-tangled after use. and it does add a little shine. Thumbs up for that.

Price: The conditioner cost me JMD$900 + tax. The US cost on their website is USD$13.00

OXX System

Final thoughts: My hair felt extremely soft after using both items, even days after, the softness still remains. As it relates to the costs of each product, I believe the prices are a bit too high, given that they are not full sized products. For a one time use, it has done nothing extraordinary to my hair, however, I love the soft feel it gives after use. To give a more detailed opinion on the products, I will continue to use and come back and edit this post if there are any changes with my hair.

Overall it is both products were a 6/10 for me. You can always give a try for yourself and see how much you like it.

For persons who live in Jamaica, I bought the items at Monarch Pharmacy. Most pharmacies have their products; Oxx System has quite number of other locations listed on their website.  They also offer International shipping, which is great. They currently have a FREE shipping on orders over $5o offer.

If you have tried their products before, I would love to know what you think below.


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