Money Saving Beauty Ideas

Money Saving Beauty Ideas

We all have budgets to work with but at the same time we want to keep up with trends and look our best when heading out. We want to look beautiful just like anyone else but some stores are just way too expensive to even consider to buy from them. How about we still look our best but in a cost effective way? Here are a few money saving beauty ideas that can help us get there.

Money Saving Beauty Ideas

1.Exfoliate with sugar – store face scrubs are very pricey and we don’t have to spend money when there is a good alternative; that money can be saved for something else. Why not use a DIY honey and sugar scrub? they are very much less expensive because they are right there in your kitchen and they work just as well as any store product.

Directions here


2. Skimp when purchasing makeup remover – I have been told that Shampoo is great for removing makeup. I tried it once and it really really really workedl. We have to be careful though as some products that are for the skin and hair, can be bad for our faces. Johnson’s no more tears baby shampoo is great for removing makeup and guess what?…it’s cheap!, the 7 oz bottle can be used perfectly for removing eye makeup, instead of purchasing small, expensive makeup removers that don’t even lasts.

money saving beauty ideas

Get it here


3. Save money on your liquid foundations by apply with a brush instead of a sponge – I am sure we all can guess why. Sponges absorb a lot of liquid foundation so they use it up quickly and hence waste it. Apply with a brush and then blend with a sponge.

Directions on applying foundation is here


4. Make your shampoo lasts – Ladies washing your hair everyday is unnecessary since over washing can dry out your hair. Washing our hairs every other day can help make shampoo last longer. But what about for those days in between? we can always use baby powder to help get rid of crease at the roots.

Johnson’s baby powder 

money saving beauty ideas


5. Recycle old makeup containers – Make up companies such as Mac and Lush offer free products when customers bring in old containers. Getting free things is always cost effective. And other companies, such as Stila, make eco-friendly, reusable compacts with refills that can cost a lot less than buying a whole new powder or eye shadow every time.


6. Use powder to get the look of falsies – I have definitely tried this one and it worked well. You can apply baby powder in between adding mascara as they help to make your eyelashes look thicker and make your mascara last longer throughout the day.


7. Buy in bulk – purchase your shampoo and conditioner in the largest container you can buy. You’ll be surprise that it is much more cost effective because they will last you a longer time.


8. Fix broken eye shadows and pressed powders – I suffered from broken pressed powders so many times and have to purchase a new one. Now you can save money by applying alcohol to get back your pressed powder and eye shadows together.

Directions: Just add a little alcohol, smooth it out…fixed!


9. Fix broken or smashed lipstick – you can save money on purchasing new lipsticks when they get broken by apply heat from a match or hairdryer to put the broken pieces back together.


10. Store your makeup products in the fridge to make it last longer – Products that have oil, like lipsticks and liners and foundation, will eventually go rancid. And if your home is at drastically different temperatures throughout the year, it can damage your cosmetics. Keep them fresh as long as possible by storing them in a cool, dry place like the fridge. Source:


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  1. October 10, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    I love these tips, especially the makeup remover for my daughter.

    • Delaine
      October 10, 2015 / 9:55 pm

      Hi Nicole, thank you

  2. October 19, 2015 / 7:45 am

    Wow! Love these tips. I had no idea you could use baby powder to get the long, thick eyelash look! I also didn’t know you could save your eyeshadow with alcohol!! Thankyou!!

    • Delaine
      October 19, 2015 / 8:52 am

      My pleasure

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