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Cheers, laughs and Delight | Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar


If you know me, then you know I have a very special kind of love for my tummy. I love a well cooked meal, presentation and ambiance and all the beautiful aspects of fine dining. One of my favourite spots, hands down, to dine out is, Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar in Kingston, Jamaica. They’re food is A-mazing and their prices are extremely reasonable. This was my second time visiting them. Macau has always been on the top of my list when it comes to dining out.

Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar

My first visit was unforgettable, the meals were delicious and our waiter was very nice and warm. This time around was slightly different, we (my other half and I) had to wait a very long time for our meals, and I was starting to become quite upset. Even though the clock was ticking and my temper was rising, I decided to wait it out just a bit longer.

Eventually, our meals arrived and it was so well prepared and tasted so good, it made me forget that I was there waiting quite a while. Just a few of their meals from their that I would like to share. We ordered their chicken strips and potato wedges, loaded fries with chicken (aaaah…they didn’t have any bacon (my favourite!), hoisin ribs, and for drink, mango daiquiri and cosmopolitan. All were delicious. I enjoyed!


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Chicken strips with potato wedges


Loaded fries with chicken


Hoisin ribs




Mango Daiquiri

Macau is located at 28 Lindsay Cresent, Kingston 10. If you are in Kingston or nearby, I implore you to give them a visit. If you are coming to Jamaica anytime soon, I recommend you check them out.


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