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JCK Jewelry Trends of 2016 + My Favourites


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JCK Jewelry Trends has everything for each personal style. Accessories are important part of any outfit, regardless of what I am wearing, I love to accessorize as this helps to give my outfit that unique, make a statement look. No doubt, that jewelries brings off any look. However, due to who we are as individuals we attracted different jewelry styles to matches with our personal style and appearance of course.

Whether, it’s silver, gold, diamond or pearls, we seek to make a statement by adding a pop of accessories to our outfits. I am a gold, jewelry type of girl, always was, ever since of late, my jewelry style as evolved and I am willing to my outfits more statement jewelries as they hit the market.

JCK is one such destination where jewelry trends are born, they discover new jewelry designers and trends my the show stoppers who wants to wear the latest statement pieces. JCK is an industry leader when it comes on to jewelries and is North America’s most comprehensive and innovative jewelry destination.

JCK Jewelry Trade Show was recently held (JCK Las Vegas) and they had some amazing pieces that came out the show that I wanted to share, plus my favourites.

JCK Jewelry Trends

Here are some the JCK jewelry trends of 2016:

Exotic Journey

These included some warm yellow golds mixed with colored gemstones.  As previously mentioned, I am a gold jewelry type of girl and absolutely love this collection, here are two my favourites, very simple with cute details just enough to make a statement. Some of the brands that came out of this collection are Lika Behar, Sutra, Tanya Farah, Js Noor, etc.

JCK Jewelry Trends

Tanya Farah



JCK Jewelry Trends

JS Noor


If you are into bold shaped pieces with cutouts, this collection is just for you, I absolutely adorn these 3 pieces from the collection.

JCK Jewelry Trends

Marcia Budet
JCK Jewelry Trends

JCK Jewelry Trends

Sylvie Collection


Industrial Arts

If you’re into dark metals such as black diamonds, this trend is for you.  Love these two pieces; Dilamani and Fern Freeman, very elegant and detailed pieces for the special occasions.



JCK Jewelry Trends

Fern Freeman Necklace


Modern Pearls

Last but not least, I wanted to share this collection because I am a pearl girl, on some days and these gorgeous pieces were just everything.

Neeta Gupta

Neeta Gupta

Fern Freeman Ring

Fern Freeman Ring

Ilyssa Londa Choker

Llyssa Londa Choker
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 Those were my favourites from JCK’s Jewelry Trends of 2016, you want to see more of the jewelries that came out of these collections. You can visit: 

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  1. Enricoh Alfonzo says

    The exotic journey number 4 looks incredible. beautiful design and iridescent finish

  2. TIna says

    Accessories make the outfit! My friend Mary once said you can dress up your blue jeans by putting on a necklace of pearls! And my mother taught me if you find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, buy them in every color!! So, you can tell accessories have always been part of my life. When I go to work at the flower shop, I wear very little. I wear shorts and a shirt, and great earrings (I’ve even stopped wearing a watch). But when I go out, that’s a different story! I loved this post!

  3. Lexie Lane says

    These pieces make me think of Cleopatra. I love them all, especially all the earrings!

  4. Sarah Bailey says

    Hands up I adore jewellery and these are some absolutely beautiful pieces! I love the Neeta Gupta. x

  5. Elizabeth O. says

    They are all eye-catching and extremely beautiful! I really love that they are not your traditional design, it’s more stylish and fashion forward, perfect for the younger generation!

  6. Rebecca Hicks says

    I love that ring! The pearl is gorgeous.

  7. Kathy Kenny Ngo says

    I love those jewelries. They are such a classic. I could definitely use those in my events.

  8. LIz Mays says

    I am loving these trends! Everything is so creatively designed these days and so fun! I totally love the styling of that first necklace.

  9. Echo says

    That Fern Freeman Necklace and Llyssa Londa Choker are gorgeous! I love pieces like that!

  10. Chrishelle Ebner says

    The modern pearls are absolutely gorgeous. I love pearls and this takes them to a whole new level. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide says

    OMG!! I want all of them but number 3 is my favorite!

  12. Ayesha Heart says

    I love the dainty pieces. Totally an oomph to any outfit 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. Marielle Altenor says

    Very cute and trendy pieces. I hadn’t heard of JCK jewelry before but I will for sure check them out to see what other trends there is for 2016.

  14. Leigh Anne Borders says

    What creative looking pieces. I would love to have the Fern Freeman necklace. It is very pretty.

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