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Interview Feature: YouTuber, Brianna Nailah


Another interview is here guys and this time it is with a YouTuber. She is the very first YouTuber to be interviewed on the blog and she will be sharing with you all her journey. If you have any questions for her after going through the interview her YouTube channel will be provided at the end of the interview, so make sure to subscribe and her Instagram and Facebook links will be listed below also. You can always leave your feedback in the comments as well. So let’s get this ball rolling…


Delaine: Please introduce yourself and your YouTube channel to the readers

Brianna: Hi! Im so excited! My name is Brianna and I’m a Youtuber! I’m a Fashion guru, lover, enthusiast, all of the above. On my channel I focus specially on fashion. I do a lot of lookbooks and outfits of the weeks and my favorite.. hauls!

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Delaine: Describe yourself using five words

Brianna: Hm.. Innovative, silly, driven, stubborn and friendly.

Delaine: What/who inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

Brianna: Rather than one specific person, every YouTuber of color inspired me. I see especially women on Youtube that are so successful and intelligent, not just about beauty or fashion but the business side too. It made me say to myself “hey I can do this too!”

Delaine: Most people know YouTubers for makeup and hair tutorials, comedy and cooking. Why a fashion channel?

Brianna: Simply because fashion is what I know how to do.

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Delaine: Which social media do you like the most and why?

Brianna: Oh, Instagram hands down! I follow all types people. Writers, painters, photographers to activists, bloggers, and celebrities. It’s constant positivity and inspiration, just all around good vibes. Follow some of them, I promise its worth it! @amirah.richelle, @arthoecollective, @saintheron, @alealimay, @amy_sall, @thaplayerclub, @britteazy, @rahm, @yovd

Delaine: For those of the readers who will like to create a YouTube channel in the future but are camera shy, what advice do you have for them?

Brianna: By far the most cliche and annoying advice, but yet the best advice.. JUST DO IT! Always remember even if your shy or awkward or just unique their is always an audience for that.

Delaine: What is the best service a YouTuber can provide to their viewers? 

Brianna: Inspiration and motivation! A video shouldn’t be draining. It should make you want to get up and replicate what I do or spark an idea in your head.

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Delaine: What is it that makes you get up everyday and continue creating videos, what is your motivational strategy?

Brianna: First, my viewers! I have viewers that I know by name and only from Youtube. Some comment on every video with constant positivity and kind words. Its crazy how a simple video I put up could bring new positive people in my life. And second, my dreams! Youtube is the beginning for me. It’s so much more I want to do. I just can’t stop now!

Delaine: How do you build a relationship with your viewers?

Brianna: Be yourself and stay interactive! Youtube is just like the regular world. People will love you and people will hate you. Not much you can do about it, ha.

Delaine: What is your biggest fear about having a channel?

Brianna: Not being as good as some of the bigger YouTubers definitely. I’m a perfectionist and its my biggest weakness. I will scrap something if one hair is out of place, which is ridiculous, even the biggest stars aren’t perfect. I have to sometimes stop, take a look back and ask myself does it really matter.

Delaine: Have you met any interesting/famous person on your journey?

Brianna: A celebrity I would love to meet and just pick their brain is Solange. OMG! Everything about her is perfect. However, one of my fave Youtubers, Teeks ( requested to watch videos of new you tubers and I sent her my link. I honestly didn’t think she would watch it or even like it. But she subscribed and to this day she watches my videos and comments. It makes me happy.

Delaine: Where do you see your channel in the next five years?

Brianna: Geesh, there are so many possibilities. Im curious myself. Im sure I’ll still have my channel five years from now. But I hope to expand my brand and make it an actual business. One of my lifetime goals is to have my own version of The Style Channel. I don’t know if anyone remembers it but they had makeover shows and The Look for Less show. I grew up loving it and wanting to be on it soooo bad.

Delaine: Which other Youtuber would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

Brianna: There are so many. One is SamanthaMaria ( also known as Beauty Crush) I have been watching her since I was in highschool and I think we have very similar styles. Some more are Rian Phin, Tootsie Time and Claire Marshall. Look them all up, please!

Delaine: Give the readers a synopsis of behind the scenes aspects of your YouTube videos.

Brianna: Typically, I like to set aside the whole day to recording and editing. First thing first is planning. Say I’m doing a themed lookbook. I will pick out all my outfits from clothing to accessories and lay them out (this is my favorite part, Im secretly an OCD planner lol). Then makeup and hair, my least favorite part, because it takes forever and by this time I’m so excited and ready to film. Either I have someone to record me or I have to set up my tripod. This part is the fastest. Put on the outfit, pretend I’m a model in front of the camera, then continue until all the outfits are done. After all that’s left to do is edit, I always get my inspiration for the way I edit from music.

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Brianna is soo cool and I am sure we all want to know what’s next for Brianna. She’s has something coming that she want you guys to be the first to know about…

“My next project is getting my website up where I can showcase my everyday outfits and inspiration. Should be live very soon!”. says Brianna.

Don’t forget to follow Brianna on Instagram: @briannailah | Facebook: Brianna Nailah and of course check out her YouTube channel 


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  1. Kristina says

    Interesting interview! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Brianna Nailah says

      Glad you liked it!!

  2. Jennifer | Modern Chic says

    Really great interview. It’s always fun to get a closer look at a person.

    1. Brianna Nailah says

      Thank you! I think so too!

  3. Susannah says

    Nice to meet you, Brianna!!! <3

    1. Brianna Nailah says

      Nice to meet you Susannah! xo

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    What a neat interview. I will have to go check out her YouYube channel.

  5. Krystal says

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check out Brianna’s channel!

  6. Ana De- Jesus says

    She sounds like a lovely down to earth Youtuber I will have to check out her channel and I love that a famous Youtuber is one of her fans that is pretty awesome. Keep going girl you can do it!

  7. tara pittman says

    Sounds like her job is a lot of work. She looks great for videos.

  8. michelle says

    youtube is such an interesting way to get exposure

  9. Rachel Mouton says

    Oh wow! great interview. I’m going to check out her channel now 🙂

  10. dana vento says

    some people are just so natural Great interview I want to see what all she does now

  11. victoria says

    What a great interview. I will check this out.

  12. Claudette says

    Thank you for the introduction this is wonderful human being! Great intereview

  13. Lexie Lane says

    I’v never seen or heard her before, but she was amazing.

  14. Lexie Lane says

    I’v never seen or heard her before, but she was amazing.

  15. Pearliza Paguio says

    That was very interesting! I’m actually a fan of rihanna XD

  16. Heidi Gray says

    Interesting! Great interview thanks for sharing!

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    I will have to check out her channel – thanks for sharing the interview!

  18. Liz Mays says

    It’s so cool to see how she’s just going for it! She’s so right about how it’s a community on those platforms too.

    1. Delaine says

      Hi Liz, it was my pleasure really

  19. Eileen says

    thank you for sharing a wonderful interview

  20. Angie Scheie says

    She is adorable! I’m totally going to check her out. She also inspires me to work on that part of my blogging game. Fun interview!

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