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Denim on Denim Outfit: Summer time Vibes


Okay so my  favourite time of the year is almost here, summer. I love the sunny days, we can get some much done and have a lot more fun. Plus we get to show a lot more skin and go extra with our outfits. One trend I thought would fade out by now but hasn’t, is the denim trend. I love me some denim, and just when I thought it would get boring and dull, new styles have surfaced such as wash out denims, embroidery, cut outs and cuffs to re-spark the spunk.

I made me it my priority to spice up my wardrobe with more denim styles this summer. Just a few weeks ago I picked a really cute denim tie-cuff top, that I am loving right now and paired it with a white ripped denim jeans I had sitting around.

Denim on Denim


Loving cute flowy tops. They make me happy, really. No need to worry about things showing that are not suppose to be showing when I am out and about and no need to be pulling down all the time. I am sorry, that is just not the type of girl I am and really don’t have the time for all of that.


But lets talk about this white denim. Firstly, I was a bit hesitant with white bottoms because I get worried about getting messy, a bit childish but a girl thinks about everything when getting dressed. I received this jeans as a gift from my sister, god bless heart, because she knows me so well, don’t worry! I found a similar one online and I will let you in on all details.


It hugs my legs and feel makes me feel sexy. Ripped knees were always my thing, so that made it even more perfect,


What made it even more perfect is these fur heels. Fur heels are so super girly, fun and trendy and versatile. I’m glad I was able to grab this pair locally.


If you are on my Instagram, you can tell I have been obsessing about this shoulder bag like crazy. I picked it up on an online splurge in April and it was the perfect purchase, I have been loving it since.



If you like it then you should have it!

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  1. Debbie Nicholas says

    I love that blue shirt. I’m all about off the shoulder at the minute!

  2. Jos says

    Such a cute outfit! Really love that denim top!!

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