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Trend Alert: Denim Chokers Style Trend 2016


Style and fashion are always evolving. It is as if there is a new trend every month or every other month. Are on top of the latest fashion trends? it is a bit hard to keep up sometimes. If not, you might be a bit surprised about this one or maybe not.

Kim Kardashian was one of the first persons to rock one of the latest fashion trend, denim chokers; and they are certainly becoming more popular as we speak.

Denim is always evolving and now they have denim chokers, who would have thought?. I am having a bit of mixed feelings about these denim chokers though, I just feel as if they will be a little bit too much for me; but nothing tried nothing done and who knows? they might be one of favourite trends of 2016.

I will definitely try them and see how much I like it. But until then, if you’re a fashionista and want to stay on the top of these trends and start experimenting with your outfits. They come several shape, sizes and colours. They can be paired with almost any outfit.

Here are few of the places I stumbled on where you can find denim chokers:


Denim Chokers


Fashion Nova – $14.99


Amazon – $7.99  

The Denim Choker// Thick Blue Denim Choker// Free Shipping & Gift

And if you’re a fashionista on a budget and love DIYs you can always create your very own denim choker at home using some old denim cloths you may have laying around.

What do you think about denim chokers? Tell me below.

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